Stan Baker
August 1, 2015

Release Notes For Graph API v2.4

facebook api v2.4Early last month Facebook released the latest version of Graph API V2.4. Since 2014 FB has had four other releases focused on versioning the core APIs and SDKs. This has allowed to developers to gain more control over the features used by their applications. The rollout of the new API will also be extended to IOS and Android SKDs as well.

There have been a number of changes, but here are some of the highlighted changes:

Simplified Access To Timeline Posts – The API now returns information about the type of attachments in posts. This will allow devs to determine the type of content that is shared in posts opposed to the previous version, which had different object types for statuses. This new feature makes it easier to access the content from a person’s timeline if the application has the appropriate permissions.

Minimal Default Fields – The latest version also cut back the number of default fields that the API returns. This will allow for faster performance with mobile applications.

Video Insights – There are many more metrics available for tracking the performance of the videos uploaded to your page. It’s easy to track the total number of auto plays, plays, and whether the views were paid or organic.

Page Video Options – Choosing whether a video is embeddable is now an option along with selecting a category and setting expiration behaviors.

Improved Marketing API – Facebook has made it easier to organize ad objects. Labels can be used to tag adsets, ads, creatives, and campaigns. A few metrics have also been merged into the Marketing Insights API. This should make viewing the ad performance information more readable.

As I previously mentioned this is only a preliminary mention of the changes highlighted in Open Graph API V2.4. For full details on everything that has changed refer to the official Facebook changelog here:

Also note, if you are still using Graph API V2.0 it’s time to start considering an upgrade. V2.0 will be deprecated a year from now on August 7, 2016.

Stan Baker
July 6, 2015

KnoMii The Virtual Business Card

There’s new app available that’s starting to trend on Facebook for business professionals called KnoMii. I decided to take a further look into what this app was and I was pleasantly surprised. The app is actually an alternative to paper business cards, and KnoMii allows you to send a virtual business card mobile to mobile. This also gives the people you share your virtual business card with the ability to share your card the same way with others.

knome sampleI don’t know how many times I’ve had a conversation with someone and meant to give them someone else’s card, but never actually did. It happens all the time, you’ll be talking about what a great job someone has done and the person you are speaking with is interested and asks for a card. Me being me, “Oh sure yeah, I’ll get you their card just remind me.” Of course the conversation changes, we forget about the card because I don’t have it on me, and the lead dies.

On the other hand with this new app if someone asks for a card I can say, “Sure thing.” As I pull out my phone enter their number and the card is sent directly from my phone to theirs.

It sounds really easy to use and there’s supposedly a new contact manager that the company is releasing in the beginning of August to make the whole process even simpler. Reviewing everything the app has to offer took me by surprise as well. There’s actually a ton of features allowing you to provide people with a lot more information than you ever could on a standard business card.

KnoMii actually acts as a personal website for you or your business and they say it can be setup by anyone in less than 10 minutes. The page provides information such as a personalized bio so everyone is able to read some background information on what you’re all about. The app allows users to upload photos and videos which are great for any kind of portfolio. All your social media networks can be linked and shared in one place making it easier for people to find or follow you. There’s even a section that can be used to promote particular products, services, and web links.

The best part is it can be shared with anyone who has a smartphone. People do not need to be part of the network or need to have a special app to view or store the information. Everything can be directly imported into any phone’s contact directory, and it can be updated anytime from your phone. That means no more reprinting business cards and spending a whole day letting everyone know your contact information has changed!

It’s a very innovative little marketing tool, that seems easy to share, and inexpensive at $7/month. The company offers amazing compensation for referrals. Not only could you be using the service for free, but you may get paid to use it with only referring a few people to the network.

All in all, KnoMii seems like a very interesting and powerful piece of technology for small businesses or anyone who relies on networking. I recommend checking it out because it’s an inexpensive way to market yourself or your business in today’s virtual World.

Stan Baker
June 10, 2015

New Facebook Update Causes Problems For Windows Phone

windows phone 8

Recent changes to Facebook’s Graph API has causes waves for Microsoft’s Windows Phones. Graph API is Facebook’s code that allows the exchange of information between the social network and other applications. Unfortunately for Windows Phone users this means some of the social network’s integrated features no longer work. The Graph API is the backbone of Facebook Connect, which is used to connect your Microsoft account to FB. This is why convenient features such as adding Facebook friends to Outlook, Windows People, and keeping them in sync was possible. Plus it allowed photos and videos made on Windows Phone devices, along with those stored in OneDrive, to be quickly and easily shared on Facebook.

Microsoft has stated, “Due to these changes, Facebook Connect features will no longer be supported. This article explains how these changes will impact your connected apps and services.”

Sadly, this.means the line between FB and these apps has been disconnected. Those handy automatic synchronization Windows Phone users have enjoyed since the release will no longer work. Alternatively, syncing and sharing will need to be set up manually where possible. Some features still have no clear work around. According to Microsoft, affected applications include Calendar, People, Photos, Movie Maker, OneDrive, Contacts, and Outlook. The Facebook outage has had an impact on Microsoft platforms Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, and Windows Phone 8.1. Expect these changes to primarily affect new users in terms of contacts. Current users may be frustrated by the inability to share photos or check auto calendar updates for any upcoming future reminders.

Microsoft is not at the moment planning to fix any of the changes from what I have found. The company responded saying WinBeta is “proactively working with customers to communicate the changes.” My interpretation is we’ll be getting workaround instructions sooner than later. Their response does not come as much of a surprise. After all, with the expected release of Windows 10 for Mobile in the next few months I doubt Microsoft would invest much time or money into a complete fix for an outdated platform.


Stan Baker
May 27, 2015


Facebook EvolutionWelcome to the launch of, created by myself, Stan Baker! This site is a Facebook reference meant to help guide people using the network. Facebook is the World’s largest social network and it continues to grow each day. FB has changed so much since 2004 and will continue to do so well into the future. There’s constant development in the works to improve the service and offer more to all Facebook users.

Facebook works hard to improve and expand its network. All the changes and new additional features that are made regularly can become a bit overwhelming to keep up with. Whether it’s an option that has changed, been added, or removed it can be difficult to know where everything is and how to use it. This is especially true for new to Facebook users. Enter…

I’m a veteran Facebook user that hopes to make using this social network easier and more enjoyable for everyone. I put this site together to post the latest information about Facebook updates, to share tips and tricks for making the most of FB, and to discuss what’s trending. Facebook offers so much to its users which is why it’s my personal favorite. I really hope you find the site helpful.

I’m always looking for new Facebook related things to talk about. If you have any questions or suggestions that you think could make a great addition as an article or highlighted topic contact me.